Over the Top

[Front cover of Over the Top]

And then there was an almighty splash and I was up to my armpits in freezing, muddy water!

‘Happy Birthday, Becky!’ Jules and Liz cried out, from the bridge.

Rebecca goes to boarding school, she’s fifteen years old, she’s got her GCSEs this year and she’s bored.

But not for much longer. One simple decision is all it takes for her to embark on a series of adventures that will give her plenty to talk about at dinner parties for the rest of her life.

Here are four short stories about the exploits of Rebecca and her friends as they are confronted with saturated sisters, tottering tents and malignant minibuses, not to mention a host of other events, people and places which combine to reveal that there is a lot more to life than just sitting down and watching it on the television.

This is the first book in the Rebecca series.

Published 2 May 2000.

Available in Kindle format, ePub format and paperback.

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