Ian Harding

[Photo of Whitby's Whalebone Arch.]

In 1994 Ian Harding wrote a play. This was quite a traumatic experience, (for his family, you understand). Despite this, Aunt Mildred's Parrot turned out to be successful, being performed at his Yorkshire school on the 26th June.

Later that year Ian took a job in Darkest Africa, (well Lesotho at any rate), and his play was produced again, being performed on the 17th November.

Such was the modest success of Aunt Mildred's Parrot, that Ian decided to write another play, Going Home. Leaving the comedy of Aunt Mildred's Parrot behind, Going Home was a much more serious, not to mention epic, affair. It was performed at Machabeng High School on 29th May 1997.

The title for his third play, Some Skulduggery At The Banana Warehouse, was conceived long before Going Home. The actual play followed shortly afterwards. An interesting feature of this play is that all three acts are set simultaneously, and if you want to know how that works, buy it and read it!

Ian Harding also writes fiction under the pen name Stone de Rouffignac.

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