Over the Top

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We stared out the front. The road widened into a large parking area, brightly lit by powerful street lights, and directly ahead of us, blocking the way, were two soldiers!

“Karen! I told you! Now we’ve ended up in a secret army base, or something. It’s probably to do with the Early Warning Station. We are in serious trouble!”

“Trust me.” She was doing a very good job of keeping her cool, but I could detect a trace of uncertainty in her voice. Even Abby was having doubts.

The soldiers split up, one round each side of the car. Dave wound down his window, and the soldier on my side made it clear that I should do likewise.

“What’s he want to talk to me for?”

“Because I’m just the driver,” said Dave, with a smirk on his face. Did he know something?

I wound the window down, and this beefy bloke leaned in.



“You heard what I said, sunshine.”

“But, we haven’t got any...”

“No passports?” He called over to the guy on the other side. “Inform HQ about this, corporal.”

“Right away, Sarge!” and he mumbled something into a radio.

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