Painting the Tank

[Front cover of Painting the Tank]

‘I hope they’ve got curry sauce,’ said Liz.

‘Nah,’ replied Becky. ‘That’s only in Indian chippys.’

‘Mushy peas, then.’

‘Only in Yorkshire chippys,’ said Becs.

‘Rebecca goes to boarding school, she’s fifteen years old, she’s got her GCSEs this year and she’s bored…’

At least, that’s what it said at the beginning of book one. Now it’s a year later, she’s sixteen, her GCSEs are over and she’s just started on her A levels, but she still manages to find time for another four adventures with the same crowd of friends that you met in the previous stories.

This is the second book in the Rebecca series.

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Published 1 August 2002.

Available in Kindle format, ePub format and paperback.

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