Some Skulduggery at the Banana Warehouse

[Front cover of Some Skulduggery at the Banana Warehouse]

Mr Smith has lost his umbrella. Or is it Mr Jones’ umbrella? And what have all these umbrellas got to do with the plot anyway?

More to the point, why have Sue and Angela taken three hours over breakfast, even allowing for two cups of coffee, and why are Charlotte and Cuthbert too busy to notice?

But Miss Pratt runs a tight ship — or so she thinks. Fear not — it’s Gertrude to the rescue and they all live happily ever after. Except for the villain, of course.

All is revealed by the end of Act One. But in this play there are three Act Ones — or should that be three Acts One? By an ingenious construction in the form of one consecutive, or possibly three simultaneous, acts, which calls for some very precise timing from the actors, the audience is kept in suspense right up until the very end. Of Act One.

And what, exactly, is “The Banana Warehouse”?

Published 25 February 2002.

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