The Rebecca Series (Fiction)

Over the Top by Stone de Rouffignac
The first book in the Rebecca series, in which Nic disappears from view, Zak makes a new friend, Becky forgets her birthday, Eric gets wrapped up and almost everyone gets a bit wet.
Rebecca goes to boarding school, she’s fifteen years old, she’s got her GCSEs this year and she’s bored. But then she talks her parents into letting her join the school Venture Scout unit and immediately embarks on a series of crazy adventures involving saturated sisters, malignant minibuses, wicked warlocks and tottering tents. Even her housemistress, the fearsome Mrs Bagshott, can’t stop her from having fun.
Painting the Tank by Stone de Rouffignac
The second book in the Rebecca series, in which Cobley spots a monster, Becky gets locked in the loo, Rick comes to the rescue, Liz rearranges the tents and almost everyone gets a bit wet.
It’s the following year, and Rebecca is sixteen, in the sixth form, starting A levels and with a serious relationship problem to resolve. Many of her friends have left school, but new people join and together they manage to arrange an even more ridiculous programme of outings to ensure they never take life too seriously. Faced with lethargic lifts, Chinese chips, slippery slopes and cantankerous canoes they make it to the summer holidays once again. And Mrs Bagshott wasn’t so bad!
Sinking the Ship by Stone de Rouffignac
The third book in the Rebecca series, in which Mandy improves her German, Becky gets her revenge, Jules pulls a face, Damien does a Dastardly Deed and almost everyone gets a bit wet.
It’s Rebecca’s upper sixth year, she’s seventeen, and you-know-who has gone to university. How is she ever going to cope? But of course, dealing with floundering ferries, liberated leaders, parabolic pancakes and boisterous little boys gives her no chance to be miserable until the end of term, when she has to leave school for the very last time. At least she has Mrs Bagshott’s shoulder to cry on.
Taking the Plunge by Stone de Rouffignac
The fourth and final book in the Rebecca series, in which Geoff goes round in circles, Lacey drinks some tea, Becky sees a ghost, Hilary forgets her bath and almost everyone gets a bit wet.
Now Rebecca has left school and Mrs Bagshott far behind. At eighteen years old she’s off to university. But which university? Has she made the right choice? It’s a time to make new friends and see new places, but to continue to have adventures every bit as crazy as those she had before. Despite malevolent motorcycles, curious cats, terrifying tunnels and too much tea she realizes her ambition at last.
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