Sinking the Ship

[Front cover of Sinking the Ship]

Macaroni cheese. Staple diet on camp! Macaroni and grated Bonehead’s fingers in a cheese sauce. I made the sauce. Tom boiled the macaroni — that took a lot of skill — while Sinéad and Caitrín prepared some vegetables.

‘Rebecca goes to boarding school, she’s fifteen years old, she’s got her GCSEs this year and she’s bored…’

But that was two years ago. Now she’s seventeen, in the upper sixth, her A levels are looming and for reasons which will become clear later she just has to get good grades.

So how can she find time for yet more crazy adventures with all the familiar friends from books one and two? Against all the odds, she manages to enjoy another year, up to and even beyond the day when she has to leave school for the very last time.

This is the third book in the Rebecca series.

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Published 1 October 2002.

Available in Kindle format, ePub format and paperback.

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