Some Skulduggery at the Banana Warehouse

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ANGELA My God, Sue! This is so boring!

SUE What, eating breakfast? Think of all the vitamins in that healthy cereal. Just the thing to start the day!

ANGELA I didn’t mean eating breakfast, and it’s hardly starting the day, is it? We’ve been here for hours. That’s what’s boring.

SUE I see what you mean. But look at it this way. How many jobs do you know where you can sit and eat breakfast in the firm’s time, with the firm paying?

ANGELA I suppose. But there’s a limit to how much breakfast I can eat, and if I drink many more cups of coffee I shall burst, if I don’t die of caffeine poisoning.

SUE You can always sit and have some stimulating and intellectual conversation with me.

ANGELA Wanna bet?

SUE Oh thanks! Not intellectual enough for you, aren’t I?

ANGELA You know what I mean. I’m not feeling at my most eloquent when I’ve not moved from this table since seven o’clock. The waitress must think I’m stuck to the chair, or something.

PEGGY and MAGGY exit. GERTRUDE enters and speaks to ANGELA.

GERTRUDE Can I get you some more coffee, madam?

ANGELA No, thank you very much. No!

GERTRUDE {to SUE} More coffee, madam?

SUE No, we’re OK, thanks.

GERTRUDE Shall I bring the bill, madam?

SUE Yes, I suppose you’d better…

GERTRUDE Only I shall need to set the tables for lunch…

SUE Yes, of course.


ANGELA Now what do we do? Our instructions are to stay here until we get further instructions. How can we do that with her breathing down our necks?

SUE I don’t know. Think of something.

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