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SARAH Yes, Lord Aidan. I do remember. I remember that I had a microchip inserted in my brain when I was a baby. That was your will, Lord Aidan. What’s it for?

LORD AIDAN {voice over} Later, Sarah. Later.

SARAH But I want to know now! Nobody else has one. Why me?

LORD AIDAN {voice over} I said, later. You will find out what it is for at the proper time. Be patient, Sarah.

SARAH But I want to know – and I want to know about the sun. How can it go out, Lord Aidan? It doesn’t make sense!

LORD AIDAN {voice over} A few others have thought.

SARAH Oh. Yes, you said. What happened? Did they find out?

LORD AIDAN {voice over} No.

SARAH Why not? What happened to them?

LORD AIDAN {voice over} Nothing happened to them. They were simply unable to find out. They had no way of finding out.

SARAH But you know, don’t you, Lord Aidan?

LORD AIDAN {voice over} I do.

SARAH Then why didn’t you tell them? Didn’t you know, then.

LORD AIDAN {voice over}I knew. I have always known.

SARAH {getting agitated} Then why not tell them? Tell me. Please!

LORD AIDAN {voice over} I did not tell them because there was no need for them to know. As for you – I will tell you…

SARAH Tell me now! Please tell me now!

LORD AIDAN {voice over} I will tell you, because you are my special child, and you do need to know…

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